Your framework to connect.
Connect to what? Well, ...

git clone
    make -C heptaconnect-playground
Getting Started


Setup, control and monitor HEPTAconnect instances.


Introduce HEPTAconnect into your project to connect it with the world.

Portal developer

Create a HEPTAconnect portal for your API and extend existing portals


Learn more about the internals or lookup technical details.

Why HEPTAconnect?

Documentation Tailored for Various Personas
HEPTAconnect packages are developed, deployed, updated, configured, and monitored by different personas. The documentation is divided into sections, ensuring that it aligns with the reader's specific role and expectations.
Open-Source Your Project
The code for each package can be accessed either publicly or through vendor licensing. Collaborate with the vendor via "HEPTAhelp" or develop your code independently. HEPTACOM GmbH is committed to empowering you in managing your own projects.
Host Anywhere PHP is Supported
Avoid being locked into a specific hosting environment. Comply with your data protection policies, operate within your own DMZ, or choose a cloud infrastructure provider that suits your needs.
Synchronize Update Schedules with Your Other Applications
Schedule your maintenance times to coincide with your business operations, thereby minimizing disruptions. Enjoy full control over your project with no unexpected releases.
Adapt to Your Business Evolution
Introduce new APIs as services evolve, or phase out obsolete ones. Eliminate the need to adjust multiple single-purpose data transfers to function in harmony.
Utilize code versioning to design data flows and test them on replicas of your infrastructure, ensuring the quality of your project.
A Framework Without Limits
Embed your workflows into your data transfer process instead of adjusting your workflows to suit the data transfer software. Seamlessly connect your data regardless of its structure and availability. Benefit from event-based triggers, file imports, time-based triggers, differential checks, and custom checks between APIs.
Prioritize High-Load Scenarios
Anticipating high-load events? Decide which data takes the side road and which speeds along the highway. This strategy ensures that time-sensitive data arrives promptly.
Leverage Existing Monitoring and Backup Infrastructure
Place your HEPTAconnect storage anywhere and take advantage of your existing backup storage. Make use of health monitoring and integrate your logging services without the need to learn new software. Receive notifications about any significant event.

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