2021-06-17 - Flow component short notation


When a portal has its code separated into different domains, many flow components will look like this:



namespace FooBar\Emitter;

use FooBar\Packer\BottlePacker;
use FooBar\Service\ApiClient;
use Heptacom\HeptaConnect\Dataset\Base\Contract\DatasetEntityContract;
use Heptacom\HeptaConnect\Portal\Base\Emission\Contract\EmitContextInterface;
use Heptacom\HeptaConnect\Portal\Base\Emission\Contract\EmitterContract;

class BottleEmitter extends EmitterContract
    private ApiClient $client;

    private BottlePacker $packer;

    public function __construct(ApiClient $client, BottlePacker $packer)
        $this->client = $client;
        $this->packer = $packer;

    public function run(string $externalId, EmitContextInterface $context) : ?DatasetEntityContract
        return $this->packer->pack($this->client->getBottleData($externalId));

This sample emitter of about 30 lines of code only consists of, when trimmed down to the essentials, two lines of instructions.

Acquisition of dependencies:

public function __construct(ApiClient $client, BottlePacker $packer/*, string $externalId*/)

Wiring everything into an emitter run method:

return $this->packer->pack($this->client->getBottleData($externalId));

Using this perspective we have 28 lines of code that are basically boilerplate. Boilerplate code is code we want to eliminate.


  • Allow declaration of flow components in a callback registration way.


  • There are now two places that can define flow components


  • Portal developers can wire their API clients to HEPTAconnect infrastructure in a very efficient way
    • Not extending certain classes
    • Storing services dependencies in fields
    • Dropping unused default parameters (like $context)
  • Portal developers do not have to use them


  • Although discouraged, it is not possible to decorate the generated flow component services as the id naming is not predictable
  • Code that follows PSR-4 is next to plain code in the same directory hierarchy
  • The generated flow components can't make use of class inheritance features

Additional thoughts

This developer experience is heavily inspired from Laravel route definitions. Mixing PSR-4 compliant code with plain php is also done like this in Symfony bundles.