Add more portals

To discover what other portals you can try out you can query different package and code distributing platforms for the tag heptaconnect-portal.

Add portals from GitHub

Let's take a look at the results at GitHub. You can probably take any repository and clone it into the /repos/ folder that is at the root directory of the playground.

git clone repos/example-repo
composer require -d ./shopware-platform/ example/repo

See the new portals

The best commands to discover the changes within your HEPTAconnect integrated application are:

  • heptaconnect:portal:list to see your new portal
  • heptaconnect:portal-node:add 'Heptacom\HeptaConnect\Portal\LocalShopwarePlatform\Portal' nice_portal to create a new portal node with the alias nice_portal
  • heptaconnect:portal-node:config:set nice_portal api_key to set a portal node configuration e.g. api_key