Status reporting

Status reports are the tools to build your status page for your HEPTAconnect installation. They are developed by portal developers for capturing metrics.

Common metrics

HEPTAconnect suggests portal developers to supply status reports for the following topics:

  • health: Health status reports are used to test configurations against the underlying portal data source to track availability and connectivity
  • analysis: Analysis status reports are used for API usage rates or different self detected behaviour metrics
  • info: A generic set of information that is helpful right after installation
  • config: A set of information for configuration support like generated API endpoints

To have a detailed look into the thoughts of status reports have a read into the corresponding ADR.

How to use

The fastest way in setup is a health tracker using a crontab configuration. It will use a regular check on the portal and use crontab mailing feature to inform about an unhealthy portal. A call to the status report command heptaconnect:portal-node:status filtered through jq with the -e exit code option easily convert the health result into something processable in a shell.

bin/console heptaconnect:portal-node:status PortalNode:123 health | jq -e .health