2020-10-15 - Portal status reporters


A portal should have some kind of status page. It has to tell an administrating person and a health check automation whether the portal is in a good state.

A good state can differ from the point of perspective. A configuration might be syntactically correct but is not able to setup an I/O connection to the datasource.


  • A portal and the portal extension have to be able to provide new status topics and have impact on the contents they report.
  • Every reporter has to expose JSON serializable content for easy automation access.
  • Every reporter should expose a boolean value keyed with the topics' key to determine whether the report displays a good state.
  • Every portal should expose a status reporter for topic health when the portal interacts with a datasource connected via I/O operations to determine correct configuration and connectivity.
  • Portal extensions have to prefix their own keys they expose with a reasonable identifier.
  • Every topic should be accessible on their own.
  • A status report should act fast and use as little I/O operations as possible to allow frequent health checks.
  • A status report should be promoted for the following use cases:
    • static information that are not part of the providing composer package
    • health check of the datasource connection
    • portal internal behaviour analysis (last time usage, remaining API calls by time limitations)
    • configuration support



  • A portal has a way to expose data independently of data transportation.
  • Automated processes and humans can process this data.
  • Health checks can be implemented in a standardized way for every portal.
  • Multi-step configuration is easier to provide.
  • Internal API usage can be exposed for behaviour analysis.


  • It can be misused for data reading that does not belong to the intended use cases.

How to use

A command like heptaconnect:portal-node:status PortalNode:123 health | jq -e .health as a simple health check condition can be setup as crontab entry. An other example is heptaconnect:portal-node:status PortalNode:123 config to display possible values for further configuration.

Regarding the usage of behaviour analysis it is suggested to compare the intended functionality to be achieved is compared against the telemetry feature as this allows a very specific way to deal with behaviour analysis.