Portals can make use of the filesystem. Scaling to an app server cluster expects the use of a network file storage.


Reading and writing files can be a task for a portal. The storage is movable for better administration in different server infrastructures through an abstraction layer for portal developers. To allow administrators of your project to safely manage the files, there has to be a way to configure the used storage. By default the bridges store the portal node filesystems in a directory within the project root directory. When setting up an app server cluster, you need to enable the administrator to configure a network accessible storage. When changing the storage you should document it properly so the administrator of your project can set up accordingly with the related administration guide. Read more in the ADR about the concept.

Sample configurations

Shopware 6 Bridge

The Shopware 6 bridge exposes itself as a Shopware bundle and makes use of the automatically provided private filesystem. In general the files are placed in <instance-dir>/files/plugins/heptaconnect_bridge_shopware_platform/ with a subdirectory for each portal node.

└── …
    └── <instance-dir>
        └── files
            └── plugins
                └── heptaconnect_bridge_shopware_platform
                    ├── <portal-node-1>
                    ├── <portal-node-2>
                    └── <portal-node-3>

We suggest to control the storage location by following the hosting guide from Shopware on the shared filesystem.