Receiver decoration

A portal extension allows further customizations in behaviour. This includes adding further writes when receiving data from elements.


A decorating receiver can:

  • change values of existing scalar values and add further attachments to an entity for further complex data structures to be received by the decorated receiver
  • replace the complete receive process of the decorated receiver
  • use the received and mapped entities of the decorated receiver and do further actions on them


Decorating receiver must follow the same basics as normal receivers so be sure to read the receiver explanation page first.

Implementing run in a receiver decorator like a normal receiver will receive first all elements before the decorated receiver.

For a scenario to read further data to already received elements by the extended receiver you have to implement receive and run. receive has to be adjusted to not execute the run method with data before the decorated receiver but after the decorated receiver has run.

public function receive(
    MappedDatasetEntityCollection $mappedDatasetEntities,
    ReceiveContextInterface $context,
    ReceiverStackInterface $stack
): iterable {
    return $this->receiveNextForExtends($stack, $mappedDatasetEntities, $context);

 * @param Bottle $entity  
protected function run(DatasetEntityContract $entity, ReceiveContextInterface $context): void
    if ($entity->getPrimaryKey() === null) {

    $additives = $entity->getAttachment(AdditiveCollection::class);

    if (!$additives instanceof AdditiveCollection) {

    $credentials = $context->getConfig()['credentials'];
    $client = new ApiClient($credentials);
    // get portal specific API client to communicate the data from the contexts configuration
        $additives->map(static fn (Additive $a): array => [        
            'additiveName' => $a->getName(),
            'bottleId' => $entity->getPrimaryKey(),

The receiver will check if this entity has been received by the receiver decorator first and save additional data.