Your commandline entrypoint depends on the environment you chose before. See below the executables to try out:

  • Shopware 6 shopware-platform/bin/shopware

First commands

The best commands to discover your HEPTAconnect integrated application are:

  • heptaconnect:portal:list to see your available portals to connect
  • heptaconnect:portal-node:list to see your available portal nodes to draw routes between them
  • heptaconnect:portal-node:config:get --pretty bottle to see a portal node configuration
  • heptaconnect:portal-node:alias:overview to see that the portal node names are just aliases to reduce complexity for configuration and usages
  • heptaconnect:router:list-routes to see what routes have already been configured

The next step for you should be taking a look at adding further portals to your environment.